Friday, February 20, 2009

crazy ass goose

paul steps with left foot

I will probably be one of these tourists one day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a-choo / raisins

Steve from The Sneeze, easily one of my favorite blogs, has been updating regularly after a long and painful break. Highlights:

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation
Over the next two days in NY, his ankle got swollen and red and he started running a fever. Obviously I was getting concerned because, basically, I had a lot of fun stuff planned with my friends.Raisins 2008
Every year for the past three years, Steve has given his son raisins for Christmas (don't worry, it's not his only gift) and documented the reaction.

A good video his friend's friend made (the first friend is one of the guys from Mythbusters) that I will embed:

(A link for high quality version.)

Monday, February 09, 2009

busty knockout

As anyone would, I reacted to Sarah's story with an tinge of skepticism... but it's true: Beware the Ugandan Motorboat. What is a motorboat, you ask?
The shakedown: A buxom woman applies chloroform to her chest and goes to a bar. She chats up a man, takes him to a secluded place and offers to let him perform a motorboat. The man passes out and she collects his wallet. It's almost too easy.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

broken picture telephone

Anne's perennial favorite drinking game has a name... and a website.

Looks like it's been getting a lot of (deserved) traffic lately, so it might be loading slowly. It's still excellent... and addicting.

Friday, February 06, 2009

bale posted

By now you've probably seen or heard this:

But here's what I'll bet you didn't know. I wanted to find out who the Welsh prima donna was hissy fitting at, so I looked up the DP for Terminator Salvation. His name is Shane Hurlburt and he grew up in Ithaca, New York--though he didn't go to IC or Cornell. Fascinating.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

terse review

I watched Vantage Point on Netflix Instant viewer.
Verdict: Terrible.
Don't see this. If you're at all intrigued by the premise, if you're the biggest LOST fan in the world, or if you think the trailer couldn't possibly advertise anything less than a great popcorn action flick, don't see this. Do see it if you're looking for an example of the absolute swill that some studios are willing to finance. There's a a protagonist who accomplishes jack shit thanks to a flock of other unsympathetic temp leads, a tepid rewinding gimmick too bland to detail, and more uninspired twists than I could keep track of. Why anyone would even mention this garbage in the same sentence as Rashomon is beyond me.

But man... what a great trailer. "Stop! REWIND THAT."
Even won an award.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hot dog

Here is a hot dog that Anne cooked when she was camping once. Then she put it on an apple to aid in presentation:
When she awoke the next morning, someone had eaten it, but apparently not before it won first prize in a competition for funny-looking fruit-paired hot dogs.

road lines

How long are the yellow lines on a road?
Take a guess. Then look at the answer.
(Photo of street art by Bansky)

drive cake

Probably the most hilarious thing that you or I will see today:

A cake place frosted the image OF a USB jump drive on a cake instead of the image IN the USB jump drive. Gold!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

theatre review

A couple of weeks ago I saw and reviewed "I Become a Guitar," a lovely new play about a boy who wants to be a guitar starring as his father the guy who thanks Jerry's dermatologist girlfriend for saving him from skin cancer in "The Slicer," one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes.
Seriously, though, there was a little tear-welling going on at the end of this one -- the Kitchen Theatre's streak of great material is still running. I just signed on to see a bunch more, so that'll be fun.

obvious advice is obvious

Do not eat these

while you're at your computer. There will be little white pellets stuck under my B, K, and W until I've smashed the keys hard enough to pulverize the sugar.

Also, you probably shouldn't let one of these near your computer, either.

Sucker looks like he could do some damage.

name change

That filthy, despicable varmint Charles Swaz has changed his website's address. This is it:

It looks much better, actually. Pears are a nice touch. Maybe I should try wordpress.

Monday, February 02, 2009

ball gymnastics

Found in away message:

High quality in link.

Stockton Borealis gets a blog

The illustrious, elusive, and multitalented Charles Swaz has launched a website for writing. Here it is:

The CuisinArt

First order of business (after the skyrocket in popularity following this post) should be sending a cease and desist letter to the annoyingly similarly named kitchen appliance company.

super bowl funny guy

J-Walk gets silly from time to time. Yesterday he live-blogged the Super Bowl.

2:10 pm - The two teams playing in this game are The Pittsburgh Cardinals and the Arizona Steelers. They are equally matched, and both teams won the same number of games this season: 67.

angioplasty staduim

Didn't get around to it yesterday, but I still wanted to post this:

You're looking at an early step in the creation of a monumental, edible (monumedible?) snacking arena:
"The twinkie is nature's brick."

An additional link found on the (very funny) holy taco front page:
10 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Grow a Giant Beard